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I engaged Heatwole Law for professional services and was blown out of the park with their professionalism, commitment to their clients and amazing attention to detail. The whole team has incredible communications skills and followed up with me at every turn. I never felt like just another client. Their responsiveness and quick turn around for questions made me feel like a member of a legal team and not just a customer. I cannot recommend these people or this law firm enough for their integrity, heart and tried and true skill set. Should I ever have to go through litigation again, I will not hesitate to call them.

—  N. Marquez


“There never seems to be enough space to properly communicate my appreciation for Lauren and her team.

Lauren is able to take complicated, emotional subjects and have a discussion with you about them in clear and simple terms so you understand the law and your options. I really love that she'll explain the best paths forward towards resolution. She's able to think outside the box and provide real life, cost effective solutions. Those solutions are sometimes extremely simple and other times require something a little more complicated. These conversations are critical and Lauren is the best at listening, not making you feel judged and... you know... not judging you.

Personally and professionally we consistently refer Lauren to our friends, family and clients when they are looking for legal assistance.

If you aren't sure if you need help, you probably do. I highly recommend Lauren. Take an hour of your time to meet with her, you'll be glad you did.” 

—  Sean DiMercurio


“Lauren and her team are by far the best and most professional team I have ever encountered. I am truly and forever grateful for their hard work and amazing attention to detail. If I could give 100 stars as a review I most certainly would! The compassion and understanding during the most stressful situation that one could ever encounter. There is nothing more to say other than incredible. To any and all that ever see this review this firm is by far the best in the state of Florida. My concerns and issues were immediately addressed a plan was formed and executed with laser precision. These ladies are all angels! They are an absolute God sent!” 

—  Justin Eplin


“I came to Lauren through a fellow attorney referral and she did a great job for us in the time we were given. She was always professional, to the point and clear in her communications and I would highly recommend using her if you are seeking counsel.” 

—  Joel G.


“I hired Ms. Heatwole for a contested hearing in a complex, civil litigation matter. Ms. Heatwole was able to gain a command of the facts relevant to my arguments in short order and did an outstanding job in representing my legal interests in court. I would recommend Ms. Heatwole to anyone in Orange County in need of a highly-skilled attorney who has an excellent reputation with the court and other attorneys.” 

—  Gabriel Murphy


“I hired Lauren Heatwole for a clarification of my ex-wife's portion of my retirement annuity. It was clear in my Amended Final Judgment. However with anything it takes time and money to resolve these "what seems to be simple issues." Lauren directed me to also hire an Actuary to be an expert witness.

The Actuary along with Lauren's team kept me informed with the process.

At trial Lauren articulated every point I had made to her in conference in explicit detail. Trial went with ease. She had presented my case in detail to the judge.

Prior to me hiring her, she did go through in detail best and worst situations. She did not candy coat a bad outcome. I thought I was standing on firm ground but she went the extra miles that she thought she would prevail however when Judges get involved you never know.

I am not hesitant in giving my full recommendation for Lauren and her Team.” 

—  Bryce C.


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